My new album Fault Line is out on the label Sombre Soniks. Have a listen on good headphones or loudspeakers, and maybe consider supporting the artists+label by purchasing.

It is also available now as a gorgeous digipack CDR with a bonus track not available on the download.

Thanks to Nicko Straniero for the great cover artwork. 

My track 'A While, An Eternity' appears on webmag Terra Relicta's massive (and highly recommended) dark ambient compilation out now. 


The new album of songs Turing Cabaret, created under the moniker Guy XY has been mixed and mastered and will be released in October 2016. Here is one of the songs: 'Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves'. Based on Oscar Wilde's words. With Tom Tlalim (guitars), Konvalia Quartet (strings), Tami Tal (backing vocals) and yours truly. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Meir. Original artwork: Yaara Eshet