Live performance at Gallery46 in London July 2019 as part of the exhibition Liminality [Temporal Impressions], curated by Sean McLusky, Kevin Quigley and Bjorn Hatleskog

(video footage by Bjørn Hatleskog)

Guy Harries and dancer/choreographer/visual artist Florencia Guerberof collaborate across their respective disciplines to investigate the connection between time and change through three short performance pieces. 

Each of these three performative investigations proposes a different lens to explore time. One of these is the lens of change and constancy, as Guerberof proposes: ‘Things change but the conditions for change are regular. I like to explore that thing that persists amidst transformation.’

Visions of utopia and dystopia permeate a second investigation, suggesting possible links between an imagined future and present action. 

A third investigation challenges the concept of time as an influence on our perception and lived experience, evident in the performance space and beyond.

Space, movement, light, electronics, acoustic instruments, voice and text are used during the investigation process taking place in the gallery space - an open laboratory as well as a performance site.

Turing Cabaret, created under the moniker Guy XY, is an album about computer scientist and pioneer Alan Turing. Lots of thanks to all the musicians, artists, organisations, friends and family that have helped make this happen. I love you all. 

You can stream and purchase on this link:

£2 of each album sale will go to the LGBT+ anti-violence charity Galop who are doing very important work. Considering the violence and persecution that Turing faced, this seemed like the right choice.

My sound and illustration collective Live Hazard has released its first album, based on live recordings from the collective's concerts and featuring Emily Shapiro, Illi Adato, Dave Fowler, Oli Haylett and myself, with cover illustration by collective co-founder Valerie Pezeron. Out now on Sombre Soniks. 

My new album Fault Line is out on the label Sombre Soniks. As well as digital download, it is also available as a digipack CDR with a bonus track not available on the download. Thanks to Nicko Straniero for the great cover artwork. Have a listen on good headphones or loudspeakers, and maybe consider supporting the artists+label by purchasing HERE

I have been performing the album throughout 2017. A live recording was recently released on Sombre Soniks, along with live sets from Akoustik Timbre Frekeuency and raxil4. LISTEN HERE