Sound artists Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries collaborate as a duo, and have created a series of 'sound rituals'. In these performances they improvise using voices, found objects and electronic processing. In each of their performances, the duo is inspired by a certain extra-musical concept: fire rituals, darkness in the context of Freudian psychoanalysis, futuristic shamanism, and postapocalyptic scenarios. 

The duo has released two albums to date: Sonic Rituals (Migro 2014) and Wheels Within Wheels (Sombre Soniks 2015)


Live Hazard Collective: Guy Harries - concept, electronic sound, Valerie Pezeron - live drawing, with Claudia Brazzale/Ingvild Marstein Olsen - dance

This piece is an interdisciplinary collaboration between a dancer, illustrator and sound artist present in the same space and working in different, yet overlapping, modalities. The dancer and electronic musician perform within a square of projected illustration created by the visual artist. Movement of the body and the pen as well as gestures in sound relate to each other as three time-based parts.

The performance is influenced by painter Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract paintings, as well as his theoretical work Point and Line to Plane (1926) which examines these three visual elements - and their connection with movement and other modalities.


INFANTRY (2001/02), OPEN CUTS (2003/04), THE SECOND (2007)

A series of collaborations with artist Meira Asher, all of which explore different aspects of childhood. The first deals with child soldiers and child manipulation, and included both a performance and a CD release. Open Cuts continued the theme with more free improvisation. The Second tackles the subject of the personal subjective world of a child.All three are Bodylab productions.