Guy Harries – selected works

Compositions / interdisciplinary

• Electronic soundtrack and electro-pop performance for Best Laid Plan – an art event by Alex Hidalgo (2008)
Performed: Royal Academy of Art    London

• Imaginary Friends – an impropera (2007/08)
Performed at: <TAG> Gallery and Zeebelt Theater The Hague, Provadja Theatre Alkmaar (NL)

• Jasser – de opera (2006) – a chamber opera based on a play by Abdelkader Benali.
Tour in the Netherlands 2006-2007.

• Sura (2005) – for baroque bassoon and electroacoustic sound.
Performed by Stefanie Liedtke at: City University London, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Czech Republic.

• Spirit of the Hive (2005) – for crumhorn and 2 computers.
Performed at: <TAG> and Royal Conservatoire, The Hague.

• HATCH – songs for voice and laptop (2004/05).
Performed in London (Union Chapel, The Spitz, Electroacoustic Club, Songs in The Dark, Resonance FM) and Tel Aviv (Levontin7)

• Flutter – for flute, tape and live processing (2004)
Performed in Paradiso Amsterdam, City University, Ud Festival Jerusalem

• Nocturnaround – for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, video and live processing (2004)
Performed at Bath Festival and Cargo Club London

• “LOVE” – for 5 singers / actors and tape (2004)
Performed by VocalLab at Amstelkerk Amsterdam and De Balie Amsterdam

• Stratos – for recorder, harpsichord and cello (2003)
Performed by The Roentgen Connection at Aqua Music Festival, Amsterdam

• Looking Glass Insects – for baritone, double-bass/voice, piano and live electronics (2003)
Performed: Royal Conservatoire The Hague

• A Bad Move – a pseudo-madrigal – for 5 voices (2003)
Performed in The Hague

• Stereo Dogs – for 2 actors/singers, 1 speaking voice, percussion/sampler, cello, piano, electronics and video (2002)
Performed at Korzo Theatre, The Hague.

• Little Songs – tape (2002)

• The Walrus and the Carpenter – for countertenor, English horn, bassoon and live processing (optional) (2002)
Performed around The Netherlands by Soil Ensemble

• Genome – 4 channel live electronics (2001)
Performed at 21st Century Ensemble Studio, Tel Aviv

• Things that begin with an M – for voice, soprano saxophone, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, percussion and live electronics (2000)
Performed by LOOS at Korzo Theatre The Hague

• Endings – a song cycle for soprano and melodica (2000)
Performed at Korzo Theatre The Hague.

• WOMB/MAN – tape (2000)
Performed at Ijsbreker Amsterdam

• Replica – for violin and live processing (2000)
Performed at Royal Conservatoire, The Hague

• Torn-ah!: Caccini rearranged – for voice and live electronics (2000)
Performed at Korzo Theatre The Hague

• Out of the window nobody looks out of the window – tape (1999)
Broadcast on Concertzender Radio, NL

• Velvanilla – songs for voice and electronics (1998)

With The POW Ensemble

• Strange Attractors (2008/09) – two computers and electric guitar
Performed in The Netherlands, N. Ireland and Indonesia

• Homage to Hazard (2007-9)
Performed throughout The Netherlands and Borealis Festival Norway

• Masnavi Molavi (2005) – a project about the poet Rumi - with author Kader Abdolah.
Performed at the Crossing Border festival the Hague and in OT301 Amsterdam

• Electric Maqamat (2005) – ud and electronics
Performed in The Hague and Israel

• Songs And Riddles (2004-07)
Performed throughout Europe

• The 13 Bar Blues (2002-03)
Performed throughout Europe


• ZooZoo (2004) – with Sasha Agranov (cello) and Sook Hee Kim (video)
Performed at: White Gallery and Korzo Theatre, The Hague

• Vibrating in Silent Motion (2003/06) – a structured improvisation project, in collaboration with Koen Nutters and the N-ensemble
Tour in The Netherland and Belgium

• Infantry (2001/02) – a multimedia project created and performed with Meira Asher. CD release (Sub Rosa) and tour throughout Europe.

• Les Cadavres (2000) – a performance about death with Meira Asher and Ricardo Massari Spiritini.
Performed in Guarda Portugal.

• INiT – an electro-pop-cabaret band.
Performed throughout London (Gfest@Cochrane Theatre, Ginglik, Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, Storm, Undersolo Camden and many others)


• Infantry (2001) with Meira Asher, Sub Rosa
• The 13 Bar Blues (2002), POW3, X-OR
• Birdsong from Inside the Egg (2006), POW Ensemble, X-OR
• Homage To Hazard (2009), POW Ensemble, X-OR